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2016 SHOW UPDATE - 11/17/2016 @ 9:31 AM


I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2016 so far. As we enter fall, this time of year becomes very busy preparing for the Christmas light show, celebrating with family, and engaging in wonderfully happy and memorable traditions.  

We started our light show in 2008, and every year we have added something to it. Some years the additions were very small while other years were filled with new technology and more dynamic display elements. Regardless of change, the anticipation of greeting people outside our home has been a motivator to continue giving to the community in this small way.

As the show has grown in size and complexity, the time required to setup the show has also increased. Our family has also grown since moving into our home, as well as family commitments. The one constant over the years has been limited time to do all of the many things we love to do.

After much thought and consideration, our family has decided we will be a participant in the Christmas season this year (instead of being a performer). We will not be decorating our home with an animated light show for the 2016 season.    

I know many of you have been coming to our home for years as part of your family Christmas tradition. We hope that tradition will continue with your family in 2017 and beyond. We will greatly miss having you as part of our joyous celebration for 2016.  

Please remember our friends at Happy Tales Humane this year. You will still be able to make a donation to their cause through our website or directly to them. They really value and appreciate anything you can give as the needs consistently outweigh the financial availability.  

Thank you so much, and we look forward to returning in 2017 with some new and exciting display elements. We wish you a happy, joyous, and hopeful Christmas season.

The Sielbecks (Lipton Lights)

Updated donation links!  December 5, 2015 - 9:33 PM

Follow this link to donate to Happy Tales Humane now!  

Please follow the modified traffic flow...
In an effort to minimize traffic congestion caused by vehicles traveling in different directions, please follow the below traffic pattern when visiting.  This will help minimize turning around in driveways, vehicles backing up at night (when young children are present), and minimizing blinding others with your headlights, head-on.  Please use the below overhead diagram as a reference:

Following this traffic flow will GREATLY help keep both my neighbors and Franklin Police Department happy and content.  The number one threat to Christmas displays is neighbor complaints or traffic congestion that becomes unmanageable.  By following the above request, you'll help ensure this display serves the community for MANY years to come.  

Show is LIVE!  November 27, 2015 - 5:27 PM
After a very busy November, the show is up and running!!!  We've got a couple of new songs this year, we've revived a few from several years ago, and hope to add one or two more before the end of the season.  

We hope to see you again this year!!

Final stages of setup - November 28, 2014 - 3:27 PM
We've been working hard the past week to get things ready for the show launch tonight.  I expect we will have something running at 5:00 PM, but certainly by 6:00 PM. 
The lights are setup outside - there are a couple of small glitches that I'll be working out tonight.  I still have some window lights to complete as well as the donation boxes.  After those are complete, I still need to program the order of the show and set a schedule.  That's a lot to do in 90 minutes, but we're closing in on the launch!   

Preparations are happening - November 24, 2014
We started work this weekend after the new lights arrived last week.  It's been a very fast, very busy few days.  Many people have been asking if the lights would be up this year.  We are still targeting a light-up on black Friday.  Check the website before heading out to make sure we're live.   

A Gift! - December 12, 2013
When I arrived home today, I noticed a gift bag on the front porch.  I didn't think much of it as today is also my birthday.  I assumed a friend may have come by the house and left a little surprise for me.  After I took the gift inside, I noticed it had nothing to do with my birthday.  It was from a family who had enjoyed the lights!
That settles it!  BEST LIGHTS!  
Happily on our tree!  To the family who left the gift of appreciation: Thank you so much!  This means a lot to us, and we'll remember 2013 when we add this ornament to the tree each year!

Donations - December 10, 2013
After the initial surge in donations, the pace has slowed down quite a bit.  If you can spare just a bit, the many animals helped by Happy Tales will be most appreciative!  Thanks for stopping by!

Pics in the next week - December 9, 2013
We hope to have updated pics and video within the next week.  This will depend on traffic as during heavy traffic times, it's nearly impossible to get good video of the lights due to car headlights.  If traffic picks up (which it may) next week, we'll need to wait until after the Christmas rush to get updated videos posted online. 

Donations - December 1, 2013
Donations started strong the first night!  Let's keep up the good work!   

Show is running! - November 29, 2013
The show is officially up and running!  We had a couple of hiccups the first night, but we got those ironed out pretty quickly.  For some reason, the playback device used last year stopped working this year.  We connected a different device, loaded the show, and playback began without issue. 
We added a couple of new songs this year, and we've changed the rotation quite a bit.  I hope you can stop by to join in the festivities!

Setup is progressing - November 7, 2013
We have finally got things moving forward for the show!  The star and other pieces are on-site, and the lift rental is scheduled.  Over the next couple of weeks, we'll transform the yard into the 2013 experience!  You may note that this year I'm starting later than usual.  This is because we have welcomed our first child into our family!  This small change has reduced the time I've had to work on the show over the summer as well as preparation this fall.  That being said, we will have several new songs for you, but most of the physical pieces will remain unchanged. 
Follow this page for updates to this year's show! 

Updates from 2012:
My friends from Greece are back!!!!!!  - December 21, 2012
So last year I recall posting about a visitor from Greece.  Hands down the furthest visitor to date.  I was handing out candy canes again tonight and came across a mini van.  The driver rolled down her window and said, "Do you remember me?  I'm the one from Greece."  Yes!  I DO remember you!  She brought a friend with her too!  He was also from Greece!! 
As we do the show each year, I see many of the same families over and over again.  I get so much joy from visiting with everyone.  It's almost like a giant extended family.  Sure, we get the crazy uncles, too, but all in all, it's a fun, family reunion each year!  Thanks for celebrating with us each year! 

A Random Act of Kindness!  - December 20, 2012
I was struck by a post online today where the individual reported they randomly paid off someone's layaway balance in a store.  I thought this sounded like a fun idea, so a couple of us are going to do the same thing tomorrow.  When I think about how blessed we are this time of year, performing random acts of kindness really puts the spirit of Christmas in action.  Consider doing something like this in the next couple of days.  I bet it will be one of the best gifts you can both give and receive. 
Be kind to those neighbors!  - December 19, 2012
As we enter the home stretch of the Christmas season, I'd like to remind everyone to please be mindful of our neighbors.  They tolerate a lot of traffic, noise, and occasional property damage to allow each of you the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with us.  Please be mindful of them and keep radios to a reasonable volume, keep clear of their driveways, no littering, and dim your headlights.  Thanks so much on behalf of all of the families living in Amber Glen. 
Mini Coopers Everywhere!  - December 15, 2012
Lots of entertainment tonight!  Miriam and I decided we would watch a Christmas classic and hand out candy canes.  We fired up Home Alone around 5:30 and took breaks every 45 minutes or so to push candy on our visitors!  Each time we went out, we had really fun conversations from people all over.  We met a family with origins in Canada (even made a donation in Canadanian dollars!), visitors who had been coming for 4 years, and people who had never seen the display before.  We met one lady from Massachusetts and another family from Memphis. 
After one break, we came back inside and continued watching Home Alone.  I looked outside a few minutes later and noticed a LOT of people outside near the donation box.  I looked a little more closely and realized I had a LOT of Mini Coopers in front of the house.  I had to see if my Mini Cooper group was back!
I went outside to find approximately 33 Mini Coopers lining the streets.  Many of the passengers had exited their vehicles and were watching and listening to the show.  We were able to talk with several of them, including the leader of the pack.  I will say this group was about as festive a gathering as I've seen - everyone was in the Christmas spirit, and I enjoyed talking to each one of them. 
Additionally, this group made an impact on donations tonight, and I would like to thank them for visiting our display tonight.  Thank you for your generosity, your kindness, and your Christmas spirit.  You were a great group to have come by, and I am already looking forward to having you out next year!
We're just over a week away from Christmas, and I am going to make a big push for some final week donations to come in.  Happy Tales is impacted by the economics just like each of you are.  They need financial support to carry on their mission of finding great homes for truly wonderful animals.  Anything you can spare will be put to good use at Happy Tales!
Donation Info - December 14, 2012
I've had a couple of people ask me how much of the donations go to Happy Tales and also "if the donations cover the costs of the show."  I wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone knew that 100% of the money collected goes DIRECTLY to Happy Tales Humane.  I (Lipton Lights) do not take ANY of the money for the light show - not one penny.  My desire has always been to provide the lights for the community.  In an effort to do more good for the community, we began collecting donations in 2009 as a way to allow the visitors to share in the betterment of the community as well.  Essentially, I'll provide the lights and the show, you help provide for Happy Tales.

Candy Canes are going fast!! - December 13, 2012
We've made an effort to give out more candy canes this year than ever before.  That being said, we're handed out over 1,200 candy canes this year so far!  We have another shipment of 1,500 which should arrive by Tuesday December 18, 2012.  Hopefully we can make it these next few nights as our supply is starting to dwindle!  Never did I think I'd hand out so many candy canes to visitors of the show.  This has been a very fun year for getting to know the guests!

Fun times with visitors! - December 10, 2012
We've had some really fun times with guests so far this year!  Met a very sweet family late last night sitting on the sidewalk listening and watching the lights.  I offered a candy cane to them and the child was very excited!!  I also met a car of 3 ladies who asked if I was the one responsible for the show.  I told her that if she liked it, I was, but if she didn't, it was my wife.  She laughed and said she did like it.  She also told me she thought it might be me because she could "smell the geek".  My wife found that particularly funny!

New songs updated / added! - December 7, 2012
Officially updated a few of the songs.  We've got some fancy things happening with the MegaTree now.  Also, we're starting to see the Christmas "giving spirit" start to soak into people.  In the last week, donations have picked up a bit.  We are really wanting to contribute a significant amount to Happy Tales this year, so if you have the means, please consider donating to this great cause!

New songs added! - November 30, 2012
We've added a couple of new songs already for the 2012 season.  Friday November 30 will be the first night running The Grinch!  We've also added a repeat from last year, O Come Emmanuel.  By Saturday, we hope to have 2 more songs completed, but you'll have to come check it out to learn what they are!!

2012 Regular Schedule - November 24 2012
The show has officially kicked off.  We were able to test several songs Friday and take care of several issues.  Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 24 - 25) were very smooth nights with only a couple of minor glitches. The regular schedule will be as follows:
Sunday - Thursday 4:30 PM till 10 PM
Friday - Saturday 4:30 PM till 11 PM
After the main show closes each night, a simple after-hours show will run until 4 AM.  The afterhours show is designed to be VERY slow and peaceful.  If the Holidays are wearing you down and you need a moment of quiet reflection, the afterhours show may be for you! 
Here is a pic of the Red / Green on the house.  The new RGB LED lights are color-changing, computer controlled Christmas Lights!
Here is a pic of the Blue/ Clear on the house.  The LED lights are VERY bright this year and give off a pure white look.  This gives a much better color representation compared to the yellow-ish incandescent.  I do miss the warmth of incandescent, however, the brilliance of the LED is far superior. 
The arches last year were so much brighter than anything else.  This year with the addition of so many new LEDs, the arches are almost washed out.
In looking at the pictures I've uploaded, I took these before the large window in the lower left was illuminated.  That window is definitely glowing as it should at this point!  

2012 Soft opening!! - November 23, 2012
Tonight we will have a limited selection of songs starting at 5:30.  The full show should be completed or near completion tomorrow (Saturday November 24) night.  A few things have taken longer than anticipated to wrap up today, including voiceovers and about 1/2 of the songs.  If you're out and about, we'd love to have you, and we'd encourage you to come back next week as well when the full show will be running! 
Thanks so much for supporting Lipton Lights and Happy Tales Humane!!

2012 Show is ALMOST here!!
One of the most exciting days is almost here!  The day the show goes live for the first time!  We are currently planning on our first show going live Friday, November 23. 
We've put a lot of work into making this show unique. We have managed to update all lights in the show this year to RGB color-changing LEDs.  We have removed the Christmas Tree line this year as we did not have an opportunity to convert those trees to LED just yet.  Going forward, all new lights will be RGB color-changing LEDs. 
The second biggest change this year will be the Mega-tree.  The Mega-tree has been re-created from the ground up.  All of the lights on the Mega-tree will be individually controllable.  This should create some really cool effects.  There will be 2,560 RGB lights on the Mega-tree and 7,680 control channels.
The Bethlehem star has been completely re-worked as well.  This year, the star is much better looking as well as multi-color.  We can control colors for three different sets of patterns on the star. 
Instead of wrapping the large trees in our yard, we've added a nice surprise.  You'll have to come out to see the effects we've added this year!
Lastly, all of the lights on the bushes are now controlled in sets of 100 lights.  This allows us to do smooth color fades across the house as well as create some nice color blends within the same bush or tree.
It's been a lot of work, but we're really proud of the show this year.  We hope you can come by and enjoy the new elements!

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